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Our easy-to-follow recipes make gourmet cooking available to everyone. Whether you've got 20 minutes to make something delish after work, or you're hosting a special event for 20 people, we have the perfect easy recipes for you.

Easy Gourmet Recipes - Wheat-free Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies with Mixed Nuts
Wheat-free Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies with Mixed Nuts

We know that many of our friends and family members may have dietary restrictions like egg or dairy allergies, so all of our recipes are egg-free and dairy-free. Our mission is to provide Easy Gourmet Recipes... for everyone!

Easy Gourmet Recipes™ offers delicious and easy recipes to help you prepare a gourmet meal at home. Whether you're making dairy-free versions of traditional classics, or exploring gluten-free vegan cuisine, we have the right Easy Gourmet Recipes™ to help you feed yourself and your family every day.

For more information about eating a healthy plant-based lifestyle, visit the Yummy Plants community.

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